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Joyfully Serving Schools and Libraries

What could be more rewarding and beneficial than seeing children learn and grow through our innovative and exciting educational programs?
Knowing, what we have had the privilege to teach will make a difference in their lives and those around them.

We have a full program available emphasizing different topics and life lessons for each month.

All of our inspirational performances include:

  1. Lots of joyful interaction with the children
  2. Magical illusions
  3. Lively music
  4. Story telling
  5. Large colorful props
  6. Funny physical comedy
  7. Live animal acts, which enhance the lessons being taught

Listed below are just a few examples of what lesson will be taught and how it will be done with a very brief description to help you visualize our programs.

Faithfulness: Just imagine how much fun the children will have learning faithfulness while helping the clown succeed in accomplishing her circus training?

Perseverance: We’re sure you’ll appreciate the wonderful response of the children as they learn perseverance through the animated telling of the story of “The Little Engine That Could”, accompanied with the magical tricks that illustrate the importance to keep on keeping on.

Because of the entertainment value, along with audience participation and joyful repetition of the key phrase is how we are successful in helping the children learn and retain the important life lessons.


Every year our entertainment troup creates a unique program especially for the libraries, incorporating your annual reading theme, into an action packed magical performance, complete with live animal productions, that will surprise and delight the children.  The grand finale of our show always emphasizes the joy and importance of reading!

In addition to the show we always include the opportunity for the children to come up and pet the animals and receive a colorful sculpted balloon creation.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to server your children, so you too can experience the “JOY” of our Excitement with a purpose!


Joy the Clown with Magical and Unforgettable Moments has performed at the Lawrence Memorial Public Library nearly every summer since June of 2002.  Her program not only brings joy and happiness to the children, it has live animals and audience participation.  In addition to magic tricks, character building morals are incorporated into the program.

Joy not only does her program, but she will blow up balloon creations for every child that attends the program.  Here at Lawrence Memorial, that has often been up to, or above, 100 children for whom she has created a balloon sculpture.

We highly recommend Joy as a very entertaining, amusing and reliable performer who will delight any crowd.
Nancy Hughes
Lawrence Memorial Public Library

Joy the Clown was a big hit during our Summer Reading Club this year!  She had such a calm demeanor and smoothness to her performance that remarkably, only one very young child out of 97 attendees was scared by the clown attire.  The kids loved the magic tricks and overall silliness of her show!  We received many positive comments about the performance, and the children and parents laughed throughout the program.  She kept the audience’s attention the whole time, and after the show the children enjoyed getting to pet the live animals and to talk to Joy.  I highly recommend Joy the Clown for any of your performances for children and families.
Suzanne M. Pate
Youth Services Manager
East Regional Branch Library

Joy is absolutely wonderful! She kept the students and staff entertained the whole time with her magic.  She used some good, clean clowning around to remind students the importance of following the golden rule.  Joy does a great job of incorporating the character traits into the performance.  I would highly recommend her for your school.
Pamela H. Merritt
Principal, James Love Elementary School